"I would highly recommend Hilary to anyone interested in Reiki.  I tried Reiki out of curiosity and got hooked on it.  The first session I had with Hilary was amazing--I literally felt the tension leaving my body.  I remember describing it as a 'massage for my brain'.  When I was working on a highly stressful work project I went for regular session with Hilary and can honestly say they were what kept me balanced and able to deal with the stress around me.  I have gone to several other excellent practitioners over the years, but I have to say there is something special about Hilary that made the experience a step above.  I am looking forward to her new business."   -Ellen Hemond
"Hilary Denton uses her skills and intuition to guide her it seems when she is giving a Reiki treatment.  I have experienced first hand, and was amazed at the shifts I felt physically and spiritually.  Where I had felt stuck in places, things opened up and there was a deep shift and relaxation.  I highly recommend Hilary as a Reiki healer."  ~Felicia Messuri

"I had my first Reiki session this afternoon with Hilary and was extremely pleased with the experience. I can only describe it as some combination of meditation and massage, for me, it was very relaxing for my mind, body, and spirit. Hilary made me very comfortable and her passion and knowledge for healing is very apparent. I felt she really focused on my personal energy and worked with exactly what I needed. With soothing music and welcoming ambiance, I highly recommend those curious about Reiki to try it. Thanks Hilary for an uplifting session."  -B.B. 

"When I took Hilary’s First Degree Reiki training I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Having been trained as a massage therapist, I knew that I found energy work intriguing and fascinating, but didn’t understand exactly how Reiki “worked.” Hilary’s warm nature made me feel at ease immediately. Her combination of professionalism, intuition, and knowledge of Reiki ignited my interest even more. She has become an amazing resource and inspiration for me as a beginner practitioner, and I’m excited to continue on to the Second Degree with her. I would recommend her trainings and private sessions to anyone and everyone!"   -Julie Landa
"I have never tried reiki before and didn't know much about it until Hilary Denton introduced it to me. She took the time to explain to me what it was, how it can benefit you, and what you can take away from it. And then the hour long reiki session! Absolutely amazing! What an experience! Thank you Hilary! I will definitely be passing the word on about Montpelier Reiki!"   ~ Kathryn McEnany