Individual Sessions

Reiki sessions are typical 60 or 90 minutes but 30-minute sessions can be scheduled as well.  Sessions are held in my office at 28 East State street in Montpelier or in the comfort of your home for a slight additional fee depending on location.  Sliding scale is offered for all individual sessions.

  •             30-minute sessions are $30-45
  •             60-minute sessions are $50-65
  •             90-minute sessions are $70-85


Reiki classes are held either in comfortable small group events or can be taught in a 1:1 session.  Upon completion students receive certification.  Please Note that all classes are VSAC approved for the non degree grant.  Click here to apply now.

First Degree Reiki:  Shoden

Students learn the history of Reiki, Reiki precepts, ethical guidelines, and how to channel the energy focusing mainly on one’s self.    A basic understanding of the human energy field and scanning the aura is taught along with the hand placements for treating self and others, as well as animals.   Student receive three attunements to open up their crown, heart and hand chakra’s and begin their personal Reiki experience.  Individuals often report being able to feel the energy in their hands as a result of the attunement process immediately and sometimes it takes a period of time and practice.  Level one is open to everyone and no prior experience is necessary.  Many people begin Reiki with the desire for self-exploration, personal growth and development.  Some people find they are fulfilled after taking the level one certification course and others feel propelled to move into the next level.

  • Fee:  $175

Second Degree Reiki:  Chuden

The focus of the second degree is learning the Reiki symbols and a deeper understanding of the energy and auric fields as a way to enhance the student's own energy levels and sensitivity.  Students learn how to send Reiki to people, places, events and situations from a distance, including the space/time continuum.  Students receive additional attunements that expand their energetic flow and integrate the symbols into their practice.  Students are now encouraged to focus on working with others, while continuing their own personal healing journey of self-awareness and personal transformation. Students are required to have completed level one and it is recommended to have 3 months between level one and level two for adequate integration. 

  • Fee:  $300

Master Degree Reiki:  Okuden

This level is for those who have already taken Reiki level one and two, have 6-12 months of practice and wanting to make a serious commitment to Reiki.  This level encourages practitioners to cultivate Reiki as a spiritual path to inner peace and enlightenment.  Students receive additional attunements and the master symbol is given to help develop intuition, knowledge, awareness and understanding of their journey on this spiritual path.  This class usually meets once a month for six months. 

  • Fee: $900

Teacher Level Reiki:  Shinpiden 

This level can be combined with the master level of study and is tailored to the student’s individual needs.  The emphasis on the teacher level is on sharing the Reiki way.  Students continue their journey into Reiki study and practice is combined with learning skills necessary to teach Reiki to others.  Students observe and sit in on Reiki level one and two classes with the instructor and promote Reiki within their community.  Students create a business plan and curriculum for all levels, in addition there is a written component to this level.  Students receive a final attunement, however, no additional symbols are given at this level.    Participants commit to a minimum six-month long apprenticeship program.

  • Fee:  Please Inquire!

All classes are VSAC approved for the non-degree grant option!

Refresher Class

Has it been awhile since your last Reiki class and are you wanting to re-acquainted with Reiki principles and practice?  Reiki refresher classes are designed to address any concerns or questions you may have since you’ve last taken a reiki class regardless of whether it’s been months or years.  Classes are meant to give you the confidence you need to deepen your practice and move forward again with Reiki.  Classes are between two and three hours long and can be scheduled either individually or in a small group. setting  Please note that attunements are not given during the refresher class.

  • Reiki Level One refresher $50
  • Reiki Level Two refresher $75
  • Reiki Level Three refresher $125