Manifesting, It's Not About Money!

Manifestation, it’s a buzz word and I’m sure you’ve heard of it.  Manifesting abundance and prosperity to resolve your financial problems.  Maybe you’ve tried it either with some success or perhaps none at all.  I know I have, and at times I think I’ve been successful, but in no way, has it completely taken care of my financial situation by any means. My understanding is that in order for it to work, it requires the practice of visualizing what you want while adding the positive feeling of how you think you would feel once you actually receive what it is that you are hoping to gain.  The important thing to remember is that you are to feel the gratitude, happiness or other positive emotion from obtaining your goal as if it were true right now in the present moment.   


The recipe is right, so why doesn’t it work all the time?  Why haven’t my financial problems disappeared and why am I not yet flooded with the promised prosperity?  It’s because we’re working with a flawed system for the manifestation to occur within.  Some of you have heard me talk about how all of our current systems are in dire need of total restructuring if our human species (along with all the other kinds of species in the world) is to continue evolving.  Whether we’re talking about our food systems, educational systems, legal and governmental systems, health care system, or our financial system (and the list goes on), they all need to be reformed.  These current methods have served a purpose and continue to work for some of the population but not everyone.  We need a new system, one that works for everyone. The time is NOW for us to shift our focus and begin working to create and implement a new way of living and existing in the world for all beings not just our individual selves. The ability to manifest is a powerful tool now being given to people; we need to learn how to use it responsibly to create new systems, and this is what I believe manifesting is truly about.  


Begin your visualizations and manifestation rituals to create this new world with the intent of living interconnected within your communities, living in the awareness of the sacredness of life, the land and no separation among all living things. Visualize a climate of raised consciousness where there is no competition of resources and instead everyone’s needs, value and significance are acknowledged and celebrated as an expression of divinity.


Manifesting a new world requires the essence and capacity of Love; love of ourselves, love of others, love of the planet, love of peace, love for all that is alive! Visualizing for equality requires letting go of the fear that there is not enough or that you are not enough.  It also means looking at those places within yourself that do not feel worthy of love and loving them greatly and finding forgiveness.   Feeding your heart with an abundance of love will create a place of infinite possibilities to create the life you want.  The power of manifestation is not about lining your pockets with the almighty dollar, it’s about creating a new way of living, calling forth into your life what it is that you need, desire and what you love.  Expanding our capacity to hold, give and receive love is the point in which creation is manifested, and the pathway to Universal prosperity and abundance.


As we all awaken to the Spirit of Love, what we value will likely change. True abundance is the freedom from attachments, and true prosperity asks you to re-evaluate your definition of what you want in your life.  Prosperity in the traditional sense relies on the value of money, power or prestige often distorting our ability to know peace, happiness and comfort.  We can no longer afford to hold sacred the illusion of financial bliss. 


Creating a new system that will truly allow the flow of abundance to be achieved for all earth’s inhabitants is both essential and achievable.  The use of technology will play an important role here because when the unfolding of technology meets the consciousness of love then the possibility of equal distribution can actually have merit in this world.  This happens through the understanding that all life has value, all life is sacred and all life is an expression of the divine. 


So, keep visualizing and manifesting abundance and prosperity, but do so within the context of yourself in relation not competition to others, the earth and always with divine love.  Without these ingredients, we are just re-creating the same thing we already have.

Hilary Denton