What makes a good healer anyways?

So you’ve decided to pursue an alternative approach to your health and wellbeing.  Maybe you’re thinking of giving something new a try because the “same ole, same ole” just isn’t working.  Maybe your considering giving energy medicine a try but just don’t know what to look for in an energy worker, sometimes referred to as a healer.  Or maybe you yourself feel you have a calling to learn more about holistic health and healing.  There are some common themes among healers that seem to strengthen their skill set.

So what makes a good healer anyways?  First of all, the word heal is defined at becoming whole; the act of cleansing; to purify.  So the healer sets out to purify their whole being; the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects.  In my first blog, I wrote that healing is on ongoing process; healing requires honest self-reflection and making the appropriate actions and changes to keep the components of self, integrated and in balance.  It also involves a disciplined practice of staying in the moment so that one can best take their personal inventory and deal with their own issues as they arise.

A good healer has a daily spiritual practice.  The healer connects to their higher power through prayer and meditation daily, often multiple times per day.  Making this connection requires that the healer have an understanding that a divine intelligence or higher power, is in charge of their life as well as the lives of their clients.  Knowing how or why this power works in not important, but knowing with demonstrated faith that indeed this power does work for the highest good is the key here.  Having a spiritual practice does not require religious dogma, in fact, many of the best healers I know have rejected many aspects of their religious upbringing enabling them to have a more valuable and personal relationship with the divine.  Questioning and contemplation of religious doctrine will often bring you to a greater understanding of how the divine can manifest in your life and enable you to live a more spiritually minded way of life.  A good healer is open to all the ways that the divine can manifest in his or her life.

A good healer is someone who is empathic yet able to stay detached.  A good healer knows without a doubt that healing comes from within, and that they can’t necessarily “fix” someone else.  Sometimes people say they want to be better yet they go on doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.  Offering someone the space to feel and see their own lives in truth while expressing kindness and compassion are often all that is necessary for one’s emotional process to begin their journey in healing.  A good healer will empower you take charge of your healing.

A good healer often is someone who has had their fair share of struggles and had to overcome many obstacles.  Difficulties in life often bring you to a better understanding of yourself, showing you areas of needed growth and defining your ability to persevere.  If it weren’t for the times that I was brought to my knees, crying and searching for something greater then myself to get me through then I may never have known what true healing means, for me.  Now I can express gratitude for the times that stretch me thin in myself, because I know that my higher power is expanding my awareness and consciousness offering me the opportunity to learn, grow and relate my experience to others.  A person’s ability to triumph over tribulation is in my opinion, the greatest meaning of healing there is.

These are just some aspects that define what a good healer is, it’s up to you to figure out what other qualities are important and meaningful in your life.  Feel free to comment below what your experience is, what your thoughts are!