It's always a good time to begin...

There has been a rise in interest of the healing arts.  Energy medicine, once thought to be New Age, has now become a mainstream practice.  Reiki is now widely accepted in many hospitals and offered in various care facilities and accepted as a valid modality for positive health and wellbeing.

First of all, it’s important to note that health and healing is an ongoing process that doesn’t stop.  Being preventive is the first step; however, many of us, wait until it’s too late and we have had to undergo a health crisis before we realize the importance of actually taking precautionary steps to avoid pitfalls in our health. 

Additionally, in today’s fast paced society, self-care is one area where we are often lacking.  The time it takes to work, prepare food, get the nightly chores done, and then of course, by the time the weekend comes, it is often devoted to getting done all the things that didn’t get done throughout the week.  If we’re lucky, there will be a little time left for relaxing or playing before we are faced all too quickly with Monday morning once again.  This routine creates the prime conditions for illness and disease, and not to mention depression and anxiety. 

Like I said before, most people wait until it’s too late before they realize the importance of nourishing one’s self BEFORE something bad happens, but better late than never!  It’s always a good time to begin.